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3 things to keep in mind for your pet’s summer plans

1) Water Play: Your dog can get Lepto from drinking out of puddles, creeks, and rivers. Get them vaccinated in one trip.


2) Boarding: Kennel Cough and Canine Flu vaccinations are commonly required by boarding facilities and are needed before you drop your pet off.


3) Regional: Your PetVet™ veterinarian can tell you whether Lyme or Rattlesnake vaccinations are recommended for your region.

Protect your flock from the heat  HOT HENS AREN’T COOL   FLOCK FIXER™ SAVES THE SUMMER

Flock Fixer™ is a vitamin rich water additive that helps rapidly hydrate and restore vital nutrients in your flock while supporting their immunity to keep them healthy and cool all summer long.

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The hope*writers Progress Planner

With the Progress Planner, you’ll gain clarity and focus your writing efforts by:

  1. Answering 10 thought-provoking questions that will take your big writing vision from vague and nebulous to clear and achievable.
  2. Identifying your ideal reader so you can remember who you’re writing for.
  3. Planning your writing days while also tracking habits that support your writing life.
  4. Documenting what you’d like to learn more about as it relates to the art of writing and the business of publishing.

The Progress Planner will be your guide as you create a sustainable plan for your writing life — every quarter.





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