After a long hard winter, few things are more welcome than sunshine and warmth…at least until you get your first sunburn and itchy bug bites, right? 🙂

15 Innovative Approaches You Need To Know About Minimizing Summer Insect Annoyances

There are many natural and earth friendly ways to minimize pests of the insect variety.  There are plants that you can plant as well as natural herbal body care products you can DIY. We have insect repellants and bug bite relief made of essential oils.

Lets start with ticks. Ticks have been awful where I live. I am seeing posts all over Facebook of how bad they are this year. There are many varied suggestions you will see. Some say they work and some say they don’t. Here is a list of some of those ideas.

For Gnats & Mosquitoes, There is a great article here of 11 ways to deter them. Plus some of the following suggestions will also help deter them.

15 Tips

1)chickens & guinea hens

2) bat houses to encourage bats and also if you can encourage dragonflies they are very helpful to insect control

3) Oppossums are great tick removers but not all of us are luck enough to have them cleaning up for us.

4)First Saturday Lime or DE

5)permethrin clothing

6) Essential oils like peppermint and lavender, Cedar Oil, lemon balm and rosemary, LemonGrass

nail polish shelving holds Essential Oils perfectly

7) tick tubes and Bag A bug fly traps

8) Plants Find wild Tansy plants and plant in and around your yard. Ticks, fleas, gnats, and etc can’t stand the smell. rosemary tyme and basil and catnip

9)screened in gazebo. Have a floor fan blow the breeze in your direction this will deter some of the pests from flying against the breeze to get to you.

10) organic bug spray. You don’t want to be using chemicals that could potentially harm your health.

11)wear your socks over your pants and tuck in your shirt. Long sleeve shirts and hats with face nets

12) always wear light colored clothing and check yourself constantly. Use a lint roller to roll over yourself after coming in

13) shower right after coming in. Someone also mentioned putting the clothes you removed into the dryer on hot for 30 minutes.

14)don’t use scented soap, shampoo, creams .

15) check around your property for standing water. You don’t want to encourage the mosquitoes to make your home their breeding grounds.

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