Successfully Complete Q4 of 2021 with Less Stress


How I am going to successfully complete Q4 of 2021 with less stress. I am joining up with Five Minute Friday for a linkup.  We are given a word prompt and spend five minutes writing until the timer goes off.


The word this week is Complete. 

successfully complete Q4 2021

My first thought was I am going to complete quarter 4 of 2021 with less stress. My blog name is Seeking Serenity and Harmony. Because it has been something I have spent a lot of time working towards.  I find myself spinning my wheels a lot of time and getting no where near where I had hoped to. This leads to discouragement, guilt and shame.

I am working on trying to focus on the positive such as what progress I do get done instead of beating myself up over what isn’t done. Otherwise I fall down that rabbit hole of a spiral into decreased self esteem and tipping into depression.

Fighting chronic major depression has been a long term battle of mine.  I have come a lot further now than I thought I would have back in the early 90’s when I was struggling at my worst. There IS hope. Please hold on for one more day, and one more after that. There IS hope for a life worth living.


Well I digress, Instead of talking about how I was going to successfully conquer q4 of year 2 of pandemic life I went off about mental health. I guess I have learned that my mindset plays a big part in how successful  I am. I am however still very much a work in progress.  God is not done with me, or you yet!


How am I going to find more Serenity and Harmony and Less Stress for the remainder of 2021?

My Calendar, Planner and Lists.

Cara Harvey @ A Purpose Driven Mom

Put on my own oxygen mask first

Start planning for Christmas now and not wait until the day after Thanksgiving

and the list goes on. I love lists. 😉

I am working on some mental health resources to share with my readers and am learning a lot that is helping me in the process.

Let me know in the comments what are YOU working on to finish out this year strong?