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Where have we been for the last several? When I last wrote in March I was waking up with an Octopus looking at me.

Well it appears there has been a pandemic among several other personal crises and after I climbed back out of the rabbit hole I had fallen into I  was lost on a back country road with my GPS telling me to keep going while the terrain was obviously not meant to be traveled by foot never mind by an  SUV.

Yes I have really trusted my GPS and took my vehicle down roads that were not really roads but were ATV trails. Lesson learned my GPS does not always know better than me.  So on to this next part of the story……

I am linking up with Grammies Grid for her


The August Prompt is  “The eyes in the painting looked…”

Let’s get back to the story….


Phew. Thankfully I wasn’t napping where the octopus’s could see me. I was actually dreaming a dream or was it a nightmare.  When I woke up I was asleep in my hotel room. Though something looked off. When I had gone to bed I am sure that painting of Mona Lisa that hung in the room was actually looking towards the left. Now however the eyes in the painting looked directly at me lying in the bed.”  Did I imagine it? Had that Cozy Mystery I was reading when I went to sleep made me imagine things?

Image description: Man with bright eyes looking towards camera. The caption says "Were the eyes in the painting really looking at me?"

Slowly I eased out from under the covers and stood up not once taking my eyes off the painting. I pulled a sheet off the bed and walked towards the painting not daring to glance away. Watching intently for any possible suggestion that the eyes were actually showing signs of life.  As I carefully hung the sheet over the painting while shaking like a leaf…..


Earlier I mentioned waking up with an octopus looking at me if you don’t know what that is about check out my first short story linkup contribution.

If you missed it here is  Part 1


Short Story Image description mom dad and child reading a story together

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  1. Oh WOW, it was a painting, not a real live octopus! What a coincidence that we both mentioned the Mona Lisa in our stories! Thanks so much for linking up with me at the #ShortStoryPromptLinkParty 22, open until August 9.

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