Did you know? “On average, families in North America toss out a shocking $2,000 worth of food every year.”    “Pick out 5 ingredients you tend to toss out the most, like kale or celery.  Swap them for Thrive and never toss out a slimy bag of leafy greens again!”

Thrive Life

This post I came across I had written in 2016,

My Why~  They say home is where the heart is. I believe that is true. I dreamed about a house in the country. I didn’t believe it would become a reality but it did. If I could live anywhere it would be right here where I live now. I must say I also wouldn’t mind traveling around and spending part of the winter in a warmer place. Our current home does need some renovations and my husband really needs a garage/workshop.

My why for joining Thrive Life is Financial Stability & Peace of Mind. If I had extra money I would pay down our debt and help my husband with our living expenses. I graduated college in May and would like to pay my student loan off within the year. I would take some of it and ride a horse. I would donate to causes to benefit children and animals.


Freedom & Flexibility

If time were no obstacle I would spend time scrap booking and other crafts. I used to say I wanted to go to Hawaii I still do, I also want to re-visit California and take a first trip to Florida. All of course during the colder months of the year. I would take my husband, maybe even children and grandchildren.

Personal Growth My personal weakness is being uncomfortable in social situations. I would like to improve my writing skills. Maybe someday actually write something publishable.”


My Why for choosing Thrive Life as my emergency food supply is it is a quality product that I trust.

If you would like to learn more about What this product is and why it is a quality product visit my page here.