Self Care Is A Sanity Saver

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Self Care

What is it?

The linked wiki post mentions how self care is an important part of medical care. This is where it is good to be part of a community that is supportive. It is important to prioritize caring for yourself for your health. Not just your health but your sanity. Making yourself a priority is a sanity saver. I asked in my chronic illness bloggers group for posts that they felt were good resources. Those are linked further down in this post.

Some simple personal healthy habits to develop:

Sleep: Getting proper sleep is imperative to taking care of yourself.

Hydration: Making sure you are drinking enough water and not just sugary or caffienated drinks.


Your Personal Care Plan

Do you make sure to make caring for yourself part of your day or week?

What do you do to take care of yourself? Drop a response in the comments.

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Self Care

Self Care: Sanity Saver: Quiet


Claire from throughthefibrofog shared a post about self care during isolation.

Diffusing the tension has several self care articles 









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