Processing & Relying – Self Care is a Sanity Saver

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PROCESSING~  I am processing that I tend to want to help everyone and feel I should be doing more than I am.  In trying to be homemaker, wife, mom, grandmother, foster parent/grandparent and hold down a job outside the home. Trying to do all of those things not taking into consideration my multiple diagnoses of chronic health issues. Having postponed and procrastinated about health appointments. I hit a wall and was reminded of the importance of putting on ones own oxygen mask first.  
Love Like Crazy book n music corner Image Description: woman sitting on bed with coffee and open notebook and pen. Says Book and Music Corner. Seeking Serenity and

RELYING  I have been relying on taking time to escape into a book each night to relax before bed. I love to read and always have enjoyed books.  I have had the pleasure lately of being on some Advanced Reader teams and Launch teams for some great books. I guess you could say this is my method of RETREAT from reality and resting a bit. 




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