The S’s of Mental Health

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The S’s of Mental Health

There are a lot of similarities in Chronic invisible illness and mental illness. There is a stigma with both Chronic Invisible Illnesses. In my writing I  focus more on mental health than some other chronic invisible illness’s. I have more experience with having dealt with that invisible illness a lot longer than some of my other diagnoses.  I see a lot of folks struggling and want to to support and encourage them. I feel more confident sharing something I am more familiar with.

Social Media  Being active on social media, seeing other posts and people struggling helps me to be more willing to share my experience or support (depending on what they appear to be looking for). This helps not only me but them as well to not feel as alone and isolated.

Social media can also have a negative effect on mental health. It is important to have awareness and notice how it is affecting you and be sure to balance your consumption. I know I struggle with this one myself.

Speak up, Ask for help. Don’t judge what you don’t know. The things we say and do. Actions speak louder than words We say a lot, Both with actions and words. The question is do you do what you say? Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

Stress Less Freebie

L = Limit Stress

You need to prioritize your self care by getting sleep and eating healthy.

Self Care: Sanity Saver: Quiet


In this article I am going to focus more on the SLEEP aspect.

Sleep is essential to health  

Sleep: Why Sleep Is Important 

How much sleep do we need? 

I have multiple of the sleep disorders Obstructive Sleep apnea, Insomnia, Periodic Limb movement disorder, Restless Leg Syndrome. Sleep has been an important piece for me to focus on to help with emotional regulation. If I don’t prioritize sleep it is the beginning of a downward spiral with my mental health struggle.  There was a time last year when  I could not stay asleep and had to use several supports Deep Sleep essential oil, Loop Ear plugs, Sleep mask,  sound machines and night lights like Suzy Snooze or Hatch Rest. There is a great app I use on my phone called the Finch care App.  Pay attention to caffeine consumption. Bedtime snacks of certain foods  that help the brain sleep.

Mental Health and Sleep

Six tips to better sleep     want more tips? Here are 17

Good night, Sleep tight, Don’t let the bedbugs bite (time for a new mattress?)

“Good night moon, Good night stars”…


Tonight on the Harmony Homestead

The Sound of Silence

Flickering flames of fire in wood stove

clicking of fan circulating the heat

snoring child (with a wheeze)

snoring of the dogs

creak of a chair

creak of a stair

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