Rosehip Benefits, Uses and Recipes

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Rosehip Benefits, Uses and Recipes

Image of a rose and rosehips on a bush
Photo Credit: Unsplash Annie Spratt.

Rose bushes have an edible part of the plant called Rose hips. You won’t find these on every rose bush.

“Almost all roses can set hips, but some types, like hybrid teas, have so many petals that bees and other pollinating insects cannot reach the center.”~  said in their article Roses With Hips.

Rosehips aka Rosa canina are well known to reduce inflammation and improve skin health. They are bulbs with seeds under the petals of the rose. They are known for being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. It can be red, orange, or can be dark purple to black. Rosehip has also been called rose haw and rose hep.  It begins to form in springtime and ripens in late summer through autumn.

Here is a great article on what rosehips are, how to harvest them, and other uses for them by The Spruce.

Rose Hip Benefits and Remedies

9 Benefits of Using Rosehip Oil on Your Face

Some great information on growing rosehips and which roses are best for success is in this article. was one of the first homesteading blogs I started following. It was reading their blog regularly that inspired me to start following my dream of writing. They have a great article on Rosehips and 8 uses like Jams, soups and more.

Rosehip vinegar is a recipe I ran across frequently when reading about rosehips.  Here are a few of those recipes.

Super Easy Homemade Rosehip Vinegar

Try This Delicious Rosehip Vinegar Recipe

A Rose Hip Infused Vinegar

Rosehips have a lot of positives but there are also side effects in some cases. Thought it is believed rosehips are a super source of vitamin C web MD says the processing of it actually destroys most of it.

“While rose hip is often considered a good source of vitamin C, the processing and drying of the plant actually destroys most of it”~ WebMD

This monograph is filled with a wealth of information and also some recipes!

This article includes 60! recipes for using rosehips

This rosehip and apple cider vinegar tea sounds lovely and healthy too.



Soothing Rosehip and Apple Cider Vinegar Tea

We give this rosehip vitale supplement to our dogs. They also make it for horses and humans.

Book Review: The Lost Apothecary

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