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Respect: Be Kind Be Open to Differences

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Be Kind Respect hearts and pink lines on a pink and dark pink background


R- E -S -P- E -C- T

The first thing on hearing this word is the song start playing in my head by Aretha Franklin. Though she was not the original artist according to my Google results.

This sign should be posted in every classroom as a visual reminder. This doesn’t mean take someone abusing you or bullying you but you don’t have to retailiate. You can stand up for yourself and still be kind.

“I see so much judgement, anger and hatred spewing in our country these days……But I am not going to veer into politics and don’t engage in those discussions. I feel everyone is entitled to feel and believe as they do. What I feel strongly about is that just because someone disagrees with our views or believe differently we should not be judgemental and hateful. We all need to be a little more open minded to understanding why people feel as they do and then we all every single one of us needs to try thinking before speaking, showing love understanding (or at least try to) and caring. This does not mean we all have to agree but we all do deserve respect and should be showing each other that.”~ From my post on Culture for FMF

Especially since Covid reared its ugly head I’m sure you have heard the same stories I have. Folks refusing to mask in places masks are required. Folks refusing to keep a six foot distance when in public from folks they don’t live with. Stories about people spitting on people and regular bullying and harrassing.

Sadly you can’t see the smiles through the masks of those that try to spread cheer by smiling at strangers. Hoping to brighten someone’s day.  I think the pandemic has made peoples emotions run even higher than normal. It seems that people are starting to hate and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

My 2 cents is that we can believe in different things politically, religiously or whatever. We should be able to discuss things openly without attacking someone else. I am curious why others believe the things they do and am open to listening.  I am however not open to being attacked or bullied. I’m not open to being constantly told I’m ‘wrong’ for believing differently than others.

We can be ourselves, be different and still be kind.

It is called R E S P E C T!!!


I didn’t get my post written in time to join up but last week the community at Five Minute Friday used the word ‘respect’ as a writing prompt. Go on over and read some of their articles and posts if you’d like to read more.


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