Resources to Share From Some of My favorite Chronic Illness Bloggers

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This week, I am sharing some resources from some of my favorite chronic illness bloggers.

Resources: Chronic Illness Blogs  To Follow

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I was diagnosed with mental health issues and chronic fatigue myself. I found this post helpful. Not many understand how some days are especially hard. It is pretty isolating to feel like no one understands and to feel physically or mentally unwell most of the time.

Mental health and chronic fatigue

Self-care and chronic illness management are very important topics. Trying to manage your chronic illnesses and make sure you are performing self-care well can be a real struggle sometimes, or maybe most times.

Debunking Myths: The Truth About Self-Care and Chronic Illness Management

 Chronic Illness  Resources

In February I joined a diabetes prevention class called Nutrition as Medicine. We are trying different recipes each week. This inspired me to pull out all the recipes our household has collected over the years and start making a recipe book of family recipes. And adapting them to be healthier when needed. I can’t wait to try this  salad  and this Waldorf salad too.

Turning Illness Thoughts into Wellness Thoughts

I rationally know that my thoughts impact my health, both physically and mentally. Trying to grow a more positive mindset has been a work in progress for years. The problem results when I feel guilty for feeling negative, which then leads me down a spiral into a dark rabbit hole.

I’m on Benefits, But Stigma Makes Me Feel Ashamed


What am I doing with my life? Finding purpose despite chronic illness.

The article about finding purpose really resonated with me. I often joke about still trying to find what I want to be when I grow up and I am almost 60.

EDS, ME, and Mental health awareness month


I hope there was some information found in these resources that has been helpful to you today.

10 Must Use Coping Mechanisms For Chronic Pain

Crucial Self Care Basics

Mental Health Awareness

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