My 5 Must Have Natural Remedies in Chronic Pain Relief

Having severe arthritis I am almost always in pain. I now have microscopic colitis so can not take NSAID’s for pain relief so had to find more natural remedies.  I have had surgery on my hand and a complete knee replacement. I am preparing for a partial knee replacement.  After multiple surgeries and continuing pain I am always looking for relief. Here are how I have been getting by and relieving pain as much as I can.

We use CBD oil and paw balm on our dogs. I have been known to use the CBD dog paw balm when it is handy for extra pain relief. I am currently using Caspers Oil paw balm. I have also made up some paw balm of my own and have it for sale in my Etsy shop along with essential oil charms and doggie shampoo.

My Makeup Case doesn’t hold make up

Here is a pic of the clear make up bag I keep in my purse with my essential oil roll ons. One of them is actually a aromatic roll on from Made On skincare called Intrigue. It smells lovely.  I will be giving away a free bottle in a future giveaway.

Young Livings Deep Relief


Peppermint~ It is amazing how cooling and soothing peppermint feels on painful areas.  I walk around smelling like a peppermint stick most of the time I think.

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CBD salve has been a great find for me. I buy mine locally at an apothecary but if you don’t have an apothecary near you you can find some great options on Amazon.

Young Livings Tranquil

Ice Packs


My local apothecary provides me with a mushroom extract that has done a great job at cutting down my pain due to inflammation.

There are 6 mushroom extracts combined in this tincture.

Rice Bags

A few previous posts on herbs and essential oils and their uses.

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I bought a Learning Herbs kit and will be making up some remedies in the very near future and will be posting about my experience with them. One of them is for Comfrey Salve which is also highly recommended for pain relief.

I still am trying to earn and save some money so that I can take some courses on herbal remedies from a nearby herbalist.

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