Reflections & Random Ramblings

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Reflections & Random Ramblings

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Reflections of days gone by

sometimes its painful I can not lie

memories of dark days when I was not fully present for my children

reflections on who I was and who I want to be

what changes do I want to see in me

reflections on those darker days and how I can use them to give light for others to see

when they look in the mirror the image I want them to see is a person worth of love. Light and hope.

The strength they have to tell the negative thoughts “Not today, Nope!”


A to Z Letter H = Hope

black white

O = Overcoming


Random Ramblings

I just found the below in a notebook and I’d titled the page “Random Ramblings”

whats a zoc doc
is it like fox in socks
painful as rocks in my socks
Wish I could write like doctor Suess
Could he define zock doc?

Once upon a time there was a little rhyme, couldn’t find a dime, sour as a lime
not ever enough time
chaos with no rhythm or rhyme
watching the mime

There are a lot of lessons in life
I’m a Happy Mom & Happy wife
I have No Money a lot of financial strife

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