Recommended Reading 2021

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recommended reading 2020

Image Description: woman sitting on bed with coffee and open notebook and pen. Says Book and Music Corner. Seeking Serenity and

                                                                       Some Recommended Reading

Bought-the-Farm Mystery (7 book series) Kindle Edition By Ellen Riggs


Mischief in Dog Town.



Also by the same author a book for Teen Girls Totally Me: The Teenage Girl’s Survival Guide

You can read my review of Totally Me on Amazon.

This Cozy Bakery Maple Hills Mystery Box Set was a fun read. I couldn’t put it down. I loved this book set so much . The stories were hard to put down. Just the right amount of suspense with a lot of comedy and fun, light reading.

Another fun Cozy author is Rosie A. Point.



I have been reading a series by ACF Bookens St. Marins Cozy Series  You can see my review for Bound to Execute here.  Here is the more recent one I read. Plotted For Murder.

I spent time this summer and fall checking off books in the Sandy Bay Cozy series by Amber Crewes







I listened on Audible to a thriller called Scratched Off 

Popular Books on Everyone’s Wish List

If you’re not familiar with Kindle Unlimited, it’s essentially a Netflix for ebooks. Members of the program can read an unlimited amount of participating Kindle books for a flat monthly fee.

If you’re a prolific reader always starting a new book, you should definitely check out Kindle Unlimited.

Cozy Mystery Reading Challenges 2020 Join Us on an Adventure


Into Journaling? I loved this journal I received as a gift


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