Good Day Turmeric

On Valentines day I was out and about running errands and stumbled upon a yummy supplement. There were 8 candies in there about the size of a peanut M&M. They were a tasty way to get a turmeric supplement in. I was really surprised at how good they tasted.

Do you use turmeric for a dietary supplement? These were gluten free so safe for me to eat and I don’t regret one bite of that candy coated supplement.
Are you a tea drinker? I have been drinking more tea and less coffee lately. Here are a few of my favorite coffee replacing teas.

I received a trial of the single serves of Dandy Blend and would recommend it. It is gluten free. Non GMO Verifed and Kosher.

This instant herbal beverage with dandelion can be made as a tea, a coffee or an expresso.  I chose to use it as a coffee replacement. I will be buying more. It has an almost indefinite shelf life in an airtight container in a cool dry place. I would buy in the larger Package instead of the single serve to cut down on cost.


Buddha Yerba Mate Tea is another of my favorites as a coffee replacement. It has a nice tasting pick me up. It is rich in antioxidants. When drinking this I personally don’t suffer the crash that I do after having coffee effects wear off.


My favorite tea for other times of the day lately is a blend I found called Christmas Eve. It has a nice minty aroma. Are you a tea drinker? What teas do you prefer in your cup??



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