9+  Practical Gifts New Parents Love

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    Practical Gifts  New Parents Love


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This article will share at least 9 practical gifts new parents will love receiving.  New parents have a lot on their plates. Moms and dads spend so much time caring for their little bundles of joy that they rarely take time for themselves. Why not show them how much you care with a gift that helps make their lives a little easier? From hands-free nursing to some help around the house, Seeking Serenity and Harmony shares  some practical gifts new parents love

Creature Comforts

Let’s make sure that new parents don’t forget to take care of themselves. Here are some things that can help keep them happy.

● Sleepwear. All breastfeeding moms need a nursing nightgown since newborn babies need to nurse about 10 times a day on average. Nursing nightgowns should allow practical access for nursing, be comfortable, and of course, it should be flattering to mommy’s figure.

● Streaming. There may be some long nights ahead. When sleep is not an option, parents might as well pass the time watching something enjoyable. A Netflix gift card is a practical gift to give. They can enjoy all that Netflix has to offer if they don’t have a subscription yet, and if they do, the gift card will be added to their balance.

● Massages. Taking care of a newborn can be a handful. A quick massage can go far with refreshing new parents. Massage equipment that they can enjoy in the comfort of their homes might just be what they need.

Practical Gifts  New Parents Love

Around-the-House Helpers

Taking care of the house is one thing, but when a new baby is around? Parents of newborn children need some help. Here are some things that might make running their household a little easier.

● Monitor. While we want to be with our precious newborn all the time, we still need to run the house and do other things. Baby monitors are useful for keeping an eye on our little one while we’re in another room. We can see how our baby is doing, and possibly check the temperature and humidity in their surroundings.

● Cooker. Multi-cookers are useful to new parents. These electric pots can cook rice, act as pressure cookers, slow cookers, warmers, and steamers. Multi-cookers are good for making baby food, and sterilizing pacifiers and bottles your baby uses. It can also be used to make yogurt for mommy and daddy.

● Robot. Let the new parents have one less thing to worry about by getting them a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are little things that go around the chosen area and vacuum the dust which parents want to keep away from their newborn.


Partner-to-Partner Gifting

We love our newborn, but let’s not forget mommy and daddy. Here are some things that new parents can give each other.

● Style. Mommy (or daddy) hasn’t gone shopping in a while, and nobody likes shopping in a rush. It’s because going around looking for clothes is part of the fun. There is a style service that can do the looking and choosing for them if you give them an idea of what you like. They curate suggestions, and the client will decide if they like their choices or not, all from the comfort of their home.

● Smart. Smartwatches can be a good gift for new parents. They sync with phones, but can also allow you to screen calls when you’re enjoying some quality time with the baby. There are also alert features that notify the wearer if they need to move around. Some even track your sleep. Giving a smartwatch to your partner will remind them that their health is important.

● Sleep. Lack of sleep is synonymous with being a new parent. New parents learn to get used to not getting their 8 hours’ worth of rest. There’s no way around it, so why not give them something that may improve the quality of their sleep, if they can’t increase the quantity? Weighted blankets have been said to improve the quality of sleep of their users, something new moms will need.

Even if the new parents in your life already have everything they need for their newborn, chances are they could use some extra time, more sleep, or additional hands. Although you can’t clone a parent to help them multitask, you can give them products and services to help ease their transition into this chapter of their lives.


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