Review: Pecking Order Chicken Nest Box Turf, 3 count

80 / 100


Pecking Order: Chicken Nest Box Turf


After a lot of indecision, I picked up a pack of these to try out. I found them on clearance, then only to discover the clearance price paid wasn’t really any less than it is listed for at most online sites.

The turf seems to be secure. I was concerned about the chickens trying to eat it. It washes easily,  however, it quickly gets dirty, and the chickens aren’t happy they can’t scratch around in it like they do when there are shavings and herbs in their nest boxes. So the eggs sometimes are a bit dirtier.  I’m not sure this is a timesaving way of keeping a clean nest box, nor is it cost-saving.

I’d use them if I had plenty of them for more frequent changes but I’m not going to invest more money in them,


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