Nothing On My MInd

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Nothing on My Mind

I am linking up at Five Minute Friday, We are given a word prompt and are free write for five minutes.  This week’s word prompt is “nothing.”.

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“Nothing” can be quite a loaded concept, encompassing a range of meanings depending on context. It can signify absence, emptiness, or lack, but it can also hint at simplicity, clarity, or even contentment.

Even if I say, “From this time to that time, I am planning on doing nothing,”. Chances are, you or I are still doing something. A common problem is that the mind never shuts off.

I struggled most of all when trying to be mindful or meditate and was frustrated that I wasn’t focusing and that my mind kept thinking of different things I needed to do. Every sound around me would trigger another thought.

I was told at a “Sound Bath” that we were not supposed to completely shut our mind off or stop all thoughts. That was a big surprise for me to hear. I always thought those who meditated had some success quieting everything around them, including their thoughts. All this time, I’ve been marking myself as a failure at meditation because I couldn’t get to that “sound of silence.”

I am happy to learn it is not about creating  a blank mind, or totally emptying your mind of thoughts. It is more about observing them and letting them go. It is about learning to be free from distracting thoughts and emotions.  There is nothing more freeing than not letting your mind control you, but you learning to take control of it.  It is a lot easier said than done. That is why it takes practice.

I’m not giving up on meditation or mindfulness. I am still going to work at reaching that point of being able to let go of mental clutter and attain a sense of calm and clarity. But stressing over it and frustrating myself while practicing only defeats the purpose of working towards reducing stress and fostering inner peace.


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  1. i have to admit that i struggle with mindfulness, but I have zero issues with meditation. I see them as different things though, with different points of origin. I’m delighted that you are going to persevere with your meditation route though as learning to still one’s mind is a good thing to learn. (gardening does it for me!).

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