Nothing Ordinary About It

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Don't let the darkness win. Your mental health is as important as your physical health

Mental Health: Depression Nothing Ordinary About It

There is nothing ordinary about it. Or there shouldn’t be. We need to work together and break this stigma. I am joining up with the Write 28 days challenge. I already missed day 1. Well it seems not making time to write is my ordinary. I tend to let all those other things that I ‘should” be doing like laundry and dishes etc.. pull me away from spending time calm, focused and letting the words flow from my brain to my laptop.

Well I googled my title “There is nothing ordinary about it” and this ad from Taco Bell popped up with the title. So nope my post is not going to be about taco’s sadly. Instead of writing about them I’d rather be eating them. But I gave up Taco Bell with my Celiac Diagnosis.

Nothing Ordinary About It        

What is not what I consider ordinary is the increasing statistics of mental health crisis. It seems the numbers are rising and not dropping. I’m hoping that it is because more people have become aware that it is not weakness to ask for help. The mental health stigma keeps many from reaching out.


I heard on K=Love radio today the statistics for those with mental health and the statistics for how many people still think it is a weakness to be depressed.  This is so discouraging and depressing to hear that so many people see it as a weakness.  I avoided getting help for many years only making my situation worse. I avoided it because of the stigma and ‘what would people think’.  That thinking kept me in the darkness and depression state much longer than I needed to be. Yes I still struggle. Yes I still fight those thoughts that tell me its because I’m not good enough, Not strong enough etc..   Do not let those thoughts win.

Depression is NOT a weakness, it is an illness. Don’t let those dark, dreary hopeless days stay your ordinary. Talk to someone. Keep talking until you find the someone who gets it and listens.  Don’t let it be ordinary for you to put on a mask and pretend to be fine when you are not. We need to break this stigma. We need to work together and help each other.






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  1. I appreciate your frank talk about this topic. Depression is not oridinary and it is a big deal. There have been times I was depressed and needed more than a friend’s concern, ear, and prayer. Yes, let’s work together to combat the stigma.

  2. When my husband was first diagnosed in 1987 with clinical depression and then later in 1999 became disabled with bipolar disorder, I’d not known many people with these illnesses. I have learned a lot since then.

    I’ve also met many more people who have received these diagnoses. Still, you are right. There is nothing ordinary about it!

    Thanks for having conversation on the topic.

  3. Amen! Mental health should be a priority–not something we sweep under the rug or stuff in the closet or leave for last. It took me far too long to realize this, and now I campaign for mental wholeness and health any time I can! We wouldn’t expect a diabetic to heal herself with prayer!

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