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Mental Health Matters December 2019 Holidays

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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters
Heavy Burdens. Mental Health Matters

First off to my faithful readers I have to apologize that in the last month I’ve been quite forgetful and scattered with my posting. Please forgive me and stick around as I try to get my act together. Thanks for reading.

Also because I tend to be over apologetic and say I’m sorry for things that aren’t mine to be sorry for and tend to feel guilty for things that I can’t control I’m told that my mental health requires me to stop being over apologetic.. So I promise to stop apologizing for being human (or at least I will do my best at accepting that I am only human).

Andy Williams Song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year” brings so many happy memories of the excitement I felt at Christmas seasons as a child.  As an adult that childlike magic is not quite there any more.

[bctt tweet=”I see several posts floating around about remembering that the holidays are not happy times for everyone. It is good to remember that. I want to be aware and reach out to those who might need some extra care this season of longer darker days of winter.” username=”harmony2001″]

Holidays Are Not Always the Most Wonderful Time of Year

I put in Google “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year or Is It?” To see if it would be a good blog title. It appears it is already the title of an article. One which I felt needs to be re-shared for awareness.

[bctt tweet=”Melissa Cassidy over at Leaving Busy is having a series of guest blog posts on How to Boost Mental Health During The Holidays.  Melissa has also been doing an essential oil advent calendar. She has written a lovely little eBook  on Amazon Kindle called Grandma’s Christmas Advent Calendar Box.” username=”harmony2001″]


I am writing my review on Amazon today. I loved this story. I hope you can take the time and read it if it is a story that interests you.

I was able to be part of Melissa’s launch team for her first book Coming Home Leaving Busy and it gave me plenty of food for thought in my journey.


Mental Health Matters

My “Currently” December Post



If you are looking for some holiday help:

If you are wanting to donate to charities I have a post with a few of my favorites listed.

I have collected a bunch of gift guides and posts and put them all on this page.

Maybe some gift ideas for the blogger in your life are on this page


There is this giveaway for Kyoku Knives going on via HomeJobsByMom. You can enter through the post on my blog here. It ends on 12/15/2019.

Season of Giving

If you are struggling with an unexpected crisis and need to do a personal fundraiser or are wondering about personal fundraiser here are some facts in this post.

Most of all be sure to do what you need to do to take care of yourself to stay well. Remember the bit about putting on your oxygen mask first if on a plane that is having an emergency. You can’t do much for anyone else if you are not o.k.

Try to find some joy in each day even if it is in something small.

Try to make sure you are eating and sleeping properly.

Enjoy each day the best you can.

Peace & Happiness to You!!



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  1. This is such an important post. It’s easy for people to forget in the busy of Xmas that this time of year isn’t always the best for everyone. Thanks for including so much great information.

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