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Mental Health IS Affected by What We Consume

I am linking  up today with Five Minute Friday.   During five minute Friday we are given a word prompt and write for 5 minutes. Todays word prompt is consume.

What do you feel is the biggest thing to consume all your time and energy?

I find it too easy to seek connection with others and just scroll social media. If I am sitting I can not just sit quietly and enjoy the quiet. I always feel I have to be doing something. My phone screen timers do show that I spend more time reading on my Kindle app than on social media. I think I have consumed every Karen
McSpade book that she has published. I guess this is a good thing that I am reading a variety of books rather than scrolling social media and feeling ‘not enough’ or ‘not as good as’ someone else.  As an emotional eater I also have to beware of food I consume. If I am honest I am really struggling right now with balancing time. I feel I ‘should’ be more organized and productive. I feel guilt if I am on social media or reading. Feeling like I should be checking things off that never ending to do list that comes along with adulting.

I tend to struggle with FOMO and sign up for so many freebies, summits and bundles. Then I rarely actually consume the free gifts and take the action from it.  That is a goal of mine this year is sign up for less ‘things’ and spend more time being productive and not like a squirrel going from one thing to another, storing up my nuts and letting them rot away because I have more than I can or will use.

Timer end

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Because its February the month love is celebrated I’m sharing a few resources I’ve found helpful to read.

Love Yourself: Self-Care for Mental Health    “That’s where self-care comes in – it’s not just bubble baths and face masks, it’s a crucial investment in your mental health”

Mental Health is Health: Self Care Coloring Book

Self Care for the Special Needs Mom


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