Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health Awareness Month

I hope to change the stigma surrounding…
Mental Illness We need to spread awareness and make people realize it is OK to ask and accept help.

I have a long-standing battle with mental health. In the last several years. At least 3/4 of my life. In addition to Major Depressive disorder, I struggle with Chronic Pain .It is a struggle to find balance and not let the chronic pain make my depression worse. My “Journey” started with symptoms showing up in my preteen/teen years. Treatment was not sought for years. I have quite a history with various treatments and therapy modality. I have tried many medications. I used to carry shame and not feel comfortable speaking out. After losing a family member to suicide, I decided I really needed to find my voice, advocate for others and let them know that there is hope. Once upon a time, I thought the light at the end of a tunnel was always an oncoming train. I now see it as an entrance into a new chapter of my life. It is something I still deal with every day. But having been able to put more tools in my toolbox, it is not as much of a struggle. I have been able to stay out of the psych ward for over 20 years. (and for those needing it, there should be no shame). I just want to be able to use the things I have experienced to be able to help others find that light that is hope and not that of an oncoming train.

The best resource I can recommend is National Alliance For Mental Health

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