IBD Day is today May 19th. .  It is a day  to spread awareness about Inflammatory Bowel Disease. A newer type of colitis that I learned about last year when I was diagnosed was Microscopic Colitis. The doctors say that this was likely triggered by use of  OTC NSAID’s for pain control. It is also Arthritis Awareness Month and  Celiac Awareness Month which are diagnosis I have lived with for many years.



May is National Mental Health Month which is a diagnosis I have struggled with since at least my tween years. I want to bring awareness and help break the stigma. Too many people are not getting help because they are ashamed or feeling like they are not normal.

In addition to the wanting to advocate and spread awareness on these days we were also busy with a few family holidays.In May we are celebrating mothers day, my husbands, my mothers and my oldest daughters birthday.

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