Lupine Review by Crafts 4 Rescues

82 / 100

Lupine Review by Crafts 4 Rescues

Crafts 4 Rescues a.k.a Rescue Dog Productions is back with another review for you


We got the chance to review lupine pet and we were so excited to get our package. everything fit so well and I LOVE how bright the colors on the leashes and collar are. I also love that if one of the dogs chewed the leash we could get it returned and get a replacement.

Mya and I love to go on walks and our old leashes wore out but ever since we switched to lupine we dont have to worry about that as they last so long. Whenever I buy a new leash or collar I’m definitely going to them first.

They have tons of cool patterns we chose the Panda and our dog that passed away sheru had the skulls. I think that they are an amazing company and if your looking for durable leashes and collars you should check them out.

Links Below

  • Check Out Lupine Here
  • The Panda Leash Here
  • The Pink Leash Here
  • The Panda Collar Here


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