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Featured Guest Post: Living With Lyme Disease The Truth 2019

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Check out this post by Chronically Imperfect about being burdened by an invisible illness.

                  Living With Lyme Disease

When I reached out for other bloggers to help out with posts while I am recovering from surgeries. I had a great response. Here is the first of many to come featuring other bloggers. I picked out some of my favorite quotes that really resonated with me.

“You may see us smiling in photos on social media and out in public. But that may have been all the energy we had for that day, or even that moment.”   “We are burdened with an invisible disease.”

I wish more people understood. It is a burden. It is not that we don’t want to be involved or want to be more like everyone else. It is that our bodies are making it impossible for us to keep up with expectations. Expectations of ourselves and those that others expect of us.


“People with Lyme disease (or any chronic illness) want to stay involved and active. We try to make it to our kids’ ball games, church, school events, or even an occasional night out. We put on our “suck it up” smiles, and do our best to look and feel “normal” for a little while. But we are all quietly and desperately wishing people really knew and understood our honest reality.”

I really encourage you to visit Chronically Imperfect and check out some of her other posts as well as reading Realities of Living With Lyme Disease in its entirety on her website.

Realities of living with Lyme Disease

Read more about Chronically imperfect here

Please share with others so we can spread awareness and understanding about chronic illness. 

Lyme disease numbers and what we are learning about its devastating effects are increasing.

Living with Lyme




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