Layers and Stairs: Like Peeling an Onion

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Today’s writing will be very different but it has a hidden message, I just need to figure out what it is. Maybe it will resonate with you.

Image of white spiral stair case in a swirl like a snail shell the stairs look like layers
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Layers and Stairs

Trapped, a maze. Like peeling an onion, layers, and layers of stairs
Occasionally, you reach a flat level and find your way through unfamiliar territory into the outside
at one point you were so very very close to where you wanted to be to find your way home
there were the sounds of the lake, so many trails through the woods, roads, signs with the familiar town name… so close to being back home… just venturing step by step breath by breath, and hoping you are going closer and not further away
but you realize somehow you got turned around because you are in very unfamiliar territory that is definitely so much further from your destination to home and the people that you know
Instead, you continue through very weird stairs that go down, seeming into dungeons but there are people—many, many many people—a lot of debris people hiding? People waiting to be given the keyword to advance to the next level of freedom, to escape
the air is so heavy it is hard to breathe, it is like walking through mud.
except for a few parts of the journey, you almost made it. Where did you go wrong? How do you find your way out? What do you need to carry with you for survival that won’t weigh you down? Who do you trust? Will the next person help you or hurt you? How, oh, how will you find your way back home? Will you make it or not? will your life be taken?
Are those you are trying to get to missing you? Are they trying to find you? Will you ever find your way back home? It seems you are just walking, breathing and so very, very lost. How will you find your way back home? How will you get a message from your loved ones to come and greet you and give you a life for the rest of the journey?
You wake up feeling like your body is weighed down under a hundred pounds of sand. But you are in bed, it is getting light outside, and even your face feels so heavy. What was your mind trying to tell you? I often tell people, “Listen to your body.” Now I’m asking myself, What is yours trying to tell you? What within those years of thoughts and feelings is the story your body wants you to know? What is the action it wants to take? Where in your awake life are you tripping and climbing through those mazes of unfamiliar, unsafe-looking stairs going downwards, hopefully, to escape, but yet to another level of chaos and confusion?
What is the lesson? What is the action I am supposed to take? Which direction am I supposed to go? What is my body and brain trying to tell me? Maybe I will never know, but I sure hope that is not so.

puzzle pieces of the mind

images of puzzle pieces and people trying to find the correct stairs to put the puzzle together

Layer by layer peeling the onions while SeekingSerenity Harmony

Journey To Healing


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