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I definitely am not a know it all. I love to learn though so am always looking to know more about various topics. First I used to mostly dream of the days of being a momma and working in a nursery or classroom.  I used to read endless piles of child development and parenting books and magazines long before my first official babysitting job.  I wanted to know it all and be prepared.

These days a lot of my love of reading is used as my escape to rest and relax each evening before bedtime. I tend to escape into cozy mystery stories that I find on Amazon.  Keeping my mind active, keeping my sanity in this crazy world.  If you want to check out more of my reading you can look in the book nook corner of my blog.


I have to tell you reading books doesn’t prepare you for everything. Sometimes you learn even more by being in the trenches. The joyful and sometimes overwhelming days of mothering infants, toddlers through teens.  Being in a classroom of preschoolers spiraling out of control and not enough hands on deck thanks to the pandemic.  Fostering other momma’s babies and helping them through their trauma.

I earned a minor in psychology in college but there is still so much I don’t know.  I wish I knew it all. I wish I had the answers to make these little lives less traumatic. And this week in the news there was yet another school shooting. So many lost lives. I don’t know why these tragedies happen. I wish I knew. I wish I could fix it. I wish I could stop it.


There was a time I started having a whole heap of health issues on top of my life long struggle with Chronic Depression, Anxiety and Borderline personality disorder.  With the onset of invisible illness symptoms were often chalked up to needing more excercise, more positive thinking, attention seeking.    Now years later I have an alphabet soup of diagnoses.  I know I need to make several healthier changes in my lifestyle. Doing isn’t as easy as knowing.


I started learning a lot more about essential oils and herbs. We moved out to the country and strived to live that

Know More

simpler, less stressed, more natural homestead life.  Yeah if you are reading this and homestead you know its not all simpler and definitely not stress free. I know these things but a girl can still dream of a life with more serenity and harmony and much less stress.


I have so many interests. I am interested in knowing what I can share with you. What are your interests? What do you want to learn? What can I help you with? Drop me a response in the comments!!  Hopefully I can support and encourage you to find joy along your journey.

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