I am trying hard to have a positive mindset and not let the negative thoughts control my life like they did in my past.  I am working on improving my mental health and I feel the amount of negative thinking in my brain plays a part.

 Disclaimer: This is NOT to say that depression or mental health issues are just from our being negative or needing to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.  Mental Health issues are real and should be addressed. Some folks may not need prescribed medicine. However there are those that no matter what they try there is still a need for intervention by prescription medication. But back to working on my OWN attempt to have more positivity and less negative thinking.

Daily I get emails from Your Daily Affirmations: Today February-10-2023 the affirmation I was sent is ”   I am centered, peaceful, and grounded.   I am happily living a simple life.   I have time to recharge.   My actions bring me peace and joy.   I breathe my way through my emotions.   My life is filled with peaceful and joyful moments.”
I am working on being more centered, peaceful and grounded through some holistic methods. I’ve been taking some free yoga classes online. I’ve been using affirmations and meditation. When I can (time and money)  I’ve implemented the use of massage, reiki and cranialsacral therapy.  I’ve found that it does help. Yet I still have recently had to go back on pharmaceutical interventions.
I have been working with an herbalist  since September as a practice patient to current students. I felt guilty and ashamed when I spoke to the herbalist (who is head of a big herbalist school) that I am working with that I had gone on medications prescribed by my doctor.  He pointed out his views of “eclectic” healing. Not using just one method. That sometimes methods have to be combined.
Also I have recently read a couple of books about healing and how we have to be willing participants. That a medicine, herb or healing or health practioner can not do it alone. We need to be open and believe that we can heal.
Point here is the “I am centered, Peaceful and Grounded” is still a work in progress but I feel I am finding this through my combination of healing efforts.  Years ago I did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought it was something wrong with me, That I could not or things could not get better. I was relying on one therapy, one medication or whatever to ‘fix’ me. That is not how it works apparently.
“I am living a simple life”  That is my goal…. I want a simpler life… I want time to enjoy my home and family. I want to learn to be self sustaining and not dependant on the outside world for my solutions and needs to be met.
” My life is filled with peaceful and joyful moments” Implementing gratitude and recognizing those peaceful and joyful moments in my life is so important to finding health and happiness.
Today won’t you join me on the journey, start taking care of yourself and implementing steps to finding that peace, joy and happiness that you deserve.
You DO deserve it!!