Introvert Striving to Thrive Remotely

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Introvert Striving to Thrive Remotely

 New Month, New Day   New Attitude

Did you set new years resolutions or intentions at the first of the year? Are you still amped up and rearing to go or have you given up and moved on to something else?

I’ve let too many things get in the way of making my dreams a reality. Recently I’ve been prioritizing making time to write and homesteading skills.

Another You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream by Les Brown

I dream of making my own income from home. Whether that be through homesteading or writing. I just seem to keep getting in my own way. I think a part of this is how introverted I am and how I struggle to not be a wallflower, people watcher. Every time I feel I make a plan. A distraction comes up, I get too busy.

I think I am doing a bit of self sabotage because I’m struggling with the belief that I can do this. I have imposter syndrome and look around at everyone else and feel my words or products won’t begin to compare to theirs. I know from looking around that I am not alone in this. I know it isn’t going to happen overnight but I am working on changing my attitude and negative thought processes. Its an everyday work in progress. Don’t let yourself get down and defeated and give up. Have you yourself overcome this? How did you do it?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker

Whatever your goal is this month, this year, lets make it happen. Don’t let negative feelings and thoughts hold us back.

Lets do this!  Reset  Restart Don’t Quit

“Mistakes happen, but that only means you took action. And taking action is the fastest way to grow- so never be too hard on yourself.” Kate  Doster

I want to tell you about a subscription box service I tried for a few months. It is called Thrive Remotely. It is run by a wonderful woman named Shannon Davis.

Image of black book cover with blueish flowers from an introvert trying to thrive remotely

Note: I am NOT an affiliate for this subscription box.

I signed up for it because one month was focused on the 15 Minute Formula by Cara Harvey @ A Purpose Driven Mom. In addition to the copy of the 15 Minute Formula which I will be doing a giveaway for.

There were some erasable gel pens and highlighters. Adorable inspirational stickers. Cloth & Papers weekly admin notepad. transparent sticky notes from Cloth & paper, and more…

In addition, I received the bonus of the ‘Starter Box” ~ The Happy Home Office Box.

The ingredients in this that stood out for me were the book Remote Inc. Some wonderful journals and a perfectly soy candle that smells like gingerbread. Perfect for an introvert focusing on working from home

Of course, the February box was focused on self-love. Productivity and loving and seeing value in myself are both things I am working on.  The February box contained some warm fuzzy heart socks, the book #Epic Messages A self warming eye mask, a body-restore shower bomb, sleep eyemask hydreate and detox drink mix, and yummy chocolate hearts.

March’s box is the Women Empower Women box. I did not get this box as we cancelled all of our paid subscriptions last month. I do want to use my words and work to empower other women, men, and children to see their value and work towards their dreams.

Its so much easier for me to give this to someone else than it is for me to take it for myself. I’m not sure how much of that is from being an introvert and how much from struggling with self confidence.

This might be a good Mothers Day gift for a woman in your life.

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