If You Won The Lottery

      If you won the lottery what would you do? Do                               you ever dream about it?

I joke about needing to win the lottery. I guess its hard to win when I don’t take a chance and play.

Honestly, my dream of winning isn’t to take exotic trips, buy yachts or mansions.


Obviously first I’d probably start by ensuring my financial security and stability. That would be paying off bills and completing needed home repairs. The bigger dream is to be able to throw money into good causes and make a big impact.

I’d love to pay for medical care so a struggling family doesn’t have that added burden.

Provide a home for that family that is homeless… Make sure families don’t go without needed food.


I look around and see so many unmet needs around me.

People struggling and barely getting  by.


I guess the only lottery I will play is the lottery of life. Still doing what I can to help lessen the burden for others, even if I can’t do it on a grand scale, Maybe that one little ripple will have a bigger effect.  Overall, winning the lottery would be an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact and live life to the fullest.


Drop it in the comments, What would you do first if you won the lottery?

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