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It has been awhile since I joined up with A Chronic Voice link up. I have been having a hard time lately with networking and being as active as I should. My  blog traffic is suffering because of it.

As 2020 begins I have a vision and a direction I want to go. I just have to figure out  my road map on how to balance all of my bags on my back and get there without being side tracked and my train being derailed.

The prompts for January are: purging    seizing   opening  revamping  envisioning.I Am an Advocate

In 2020 I will continue purging my years of clutter that I have hoarded over the years of being a pack rat of holding on to things ‘just in case’.  I am purging old bad habits.  Eliminating negative thinking and replacing it with more positive and mindful living.

I am seizing every new day with thankfulness for a new day. I am seizing on the opportunities to start fresh  and give myself grace for my lack of distance traveled the day before towards my  goals.

I am opening my eyes to the bright sunny  days and the hazy dark dreary days. Accepting that both are part of life and that a dark day does not mean hopeless it means it is time to rest and take it easy. It is time to regroup, re evaluate and envision what lies at the end of that dark tunnel where the light finally shines in.

I am revamping my  schedules, routines and habits to make my day more simplified, more mindful and less chaotic and stressful.  I’ve stopped saying yes to everything and everyone and am practicing saying no. I need to take time to put on my own oxygen mask.  Yet I still feel so guilty for not being more, for not doing more…..


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  1. Loved how short and sweet and powerful this was 🙂 I can relate and am also trying to direct my attention towards the goals that matter. WIshing both of us fortune and strength!

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