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How Do We Help Them Heal?

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                          How to Help heal

How Do We Help Them Heal?

Childrens Mental Health

I am linking up with Five Minute Friday

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I had planned on writing a lot of informative advocacy posts in May. I wanted to bring awareness to three big issues this month. Foster Care, Mental Health and Celiac Disease. They are all days that are being recognized this month and are all that have had an impact on my life.

In light of the horrors coming out of Ukraine’s battle to protect themselves from Russia and now this weeks horrific tragedy in Texas.  My heart and mind have been on how we can better prevent and help those affected by tragedy heal. Can one ever heal from the murder of their child? I don’t think I could ever come back from the darkness of grief in that experience.

                                                How Do We Help Them Heal?

I really have no answer and wish I did.  I think first we need to come together as a community and country and start working together instead of against each other. We can make a difference, We need to make a change.

“No matter what kind of trauma we experienced as a child, we replay that loop through our choices of friends, hobbies, careers, and relationships.”
― Kenny Weiss, Your Journey To Success: How to Accept the Answers You Discover Along the Way

Don't let the darkness win. Your mental health is as important as your physical health


A statement Kate made in this weeks Five Minute Friday post stuck with me


“Oh, how I wish there was a magic spray that could make it all go away, but I suspect that the men, women, and children impacted by these horrific events will spend the rest of their days with leaves curled in, covered with indelible marks from the trauma they have endured.”    


Seeing the impact trauma has had on so many children in our country (and world) and wishing that over the years children wouldn’t have to be suffering the way they are now. That we could learn and do better by our children and fellow community and country members.




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  1. So much grief and sadness to deal with these days. I wish we could focus on the things we agree upon and start there to find solutions. Praying for healing for all who mourn today.
    Visiting from FMF#35

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