2019 Goals Recap and Accountability

Part of the reason I am posting this is because I need to hold myself accountable. I also am hoping that in my sharing I can inspire and encourage someone else to keep going and not give up on their dreams.  To review and access where I am at, I read through some of my older posts that talked about my goals.



From my post FMF: Goal

“This week’s Five-Minute Friday prompt is GOAL.  Ironic since my goals have been on my mind a lot. 2019 Goals Mid Year Recap Click To Tweet

“So, this year I decided instead of making a bunch of resolutions and goals that will likely just get forgotten like previous years I decided.  I made a commitment not a resolution or a goal. I made a commitment to take control of my health.”

From my 2016 post I see that I still have a few of the same long term goals.

“When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing now? ” “I always wanted to work with or for children to make a difference. I loved keeping diaries and writing letters dreaming of someday being a writer. Still dreaming. Still asking what I want to be when I grow up.”” Still have the goal of homesteading and dream of being self- sufficient…”

I do need to remember to not use the words goals or dreams interchangeably. It was pointed out in a workshop I was in that they are in fact two different things.

The Difference between Goals and Dreams. 

Goals are more specific and detailed.

Take that dream, turn it into a goal and then turn it into your reality. Click To Tweet

Here are a few resources

10 Big Differences Between Goals and Dreams That You Must Know


Progress Not Perfection but Its Progress

Return  to the Recap and Review

Earlier in 2019 I dusted off my old blog (if you can call it that LOL) and started blogging regularly. This was in my attempt to work harder at my goal to spend more time writing and my desire to help others. I wrote more about what topics I would like to write about  here.

I hope that someway, somehow, someday the words I write can help someone somewhere. Someway, somehow, someday, somewhere help someone else with my words. Now those three words pop out at me and make me want to sing a song or write a poem.  Or maybe it is just the song with the words “somewhere out there” from a movie I watched once playing in my head.

The story of the starfish. I am sure you have heard it before if not you can read it here. I want to help more but if I can make a difference to just one it will be a start.

Goals that are a work in progress…

Clear out my clutter piles

Be more creative

Be more ecofriendly,

Less Waste

From my Earth Day post 2019 Goals Mid Year Recap Click To Tweet

Becoming More Self Sufficient

I want to make more and buy less.

Learning more about herbs and natural remedies

Growing our own food

One of my biggest goals this year is to make more of an effort to improve my health.

I made a promise to myself that I would get a better routine going to find balance but that didn’t happen. YET. meal plan.

Recap Challenges:

Declutter Your Scariest Space

Move More Challenge

Goodreads reading challenge

I was having more vision problems earlier in the year so set the goal of one book a month. Then I read about the summer reading challenge “20 books of summer”.  I put 23 books on my list and have read all but 2. I also read some other books that were not on the list. So, considering my vision problems that started the year off making reading difficult I feel great about my goal to get back into reading.

I did get a new pair of bifocals that have helped some, but the neurologist and rheumatologist are still exploring whether this is caused by a new autoimmune or other health issue. Even though I know I will be finishing up my 2nd reading challenge for this year I won’t stop reading. Reading has always been one of my favorite ways to relax.

Believe you can and you will

In April I did a quarterly update post on my goals and progress

I have a goal for my business such as the blog and making homemade products to sell on Etsy

Recap Blogging Goals

March in my post about the importance of having a vision and goals, I discussed my goals for my blog. “My vision for this blog is that I can share and spread awareness of mental health issues and hope to help reduce the stigma associate with it. I vision sharing information on homemaking, homesteading and self-growth that others find useful.”

“Goals I have in the immediate are to get readers and followers who like reading my content. Short term goals for the blog would be to share information and education by posting a minimum of two posts weekly. This goal gives me a chance to practice and improve on my writing skills, to express myself and to share resources. My result would be providing information that is helpful to others as helping others is one of my bigger immediate, short- and long-term life goals.”

???? Let’s slay our July 2019 goals ???? My goals for July are 1) Health- track and make sure I am taking in enough water and am increasing daily physical activity. 2) Blog- In June I got swept away in life. My blog goal is to get back to posting regularly and back to being engaged daily in my Chronic Illness blog groups.

I tried doing  a few giveaways and didn’t have a lot of success with getting people to enter.

I had done a throwback Thursday post and listed the 5 posts that had the most engagement on my blog here.


The top 5 visited posts are Mental Health in our Children, Why  , July Linkup, Dandy Dandelion, FMF: Goal.

If you are interested in working on your health goals I highly recommend Suzanne @Fibromom blog (click on health coaching tab under “Nutrition” tab.) or visit her Facebook page: Wellness Empowerment Coaching

craft more challenge w/ crafts4rescues still a work in progress

Projects midyear update


attempt a Gluten Free Dairy Free sourdough bread starter. I still need to do this one


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