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A gluten free bread review for you

When I first became diagnosed with #Celiac I posted about trouble finding hot dog and hamburger buns to replace the ones I was used to. You can find that post here

Gluten free eating has come a very long way since I was first diagnosed. I am happy to say there are several bread choices now.  I was going to talk to you about Canyon Bakehouse  #CanyonLoveAtFirstBite

gluten free bread canyons bakehouse is good

 but I see that a blog I follow is featuring that one right now and I don’t want to be a copycat.  Check out more about how great  Canyon  is at Hale Life.  It is featured over there as product of the month. 

Canyon BakeHouse
CanyonBakehouse also has a free recipe e-book download  I am not going to review Canyon Bakehouse right now I am however going to enter the Love At First Bite contest  because one thing that hasn’t improved much is the cost of gluten free food. 

 I mean yes there is some cheap stuff sometimes but it is not necessarily the best tasting stuff. I pay almost 5.00 a loaf. The loaf is half the size of the bread my family eats. 

 So one tip is if you find a favorite that tastes good. Try to find contests, coupons or shopping app rebates. UDI’s is frequently an offer I see on Ibotta and sometimes Checkout51. 

I recently received coupons from Schaer and Canyon and am grateful for the savings.


Schaer  is asking folks with Celiac to share their  story with Schaer

Do you have Celiac disease or follow a gluten free diet? What are your favorite gluten free brands or products? Do you have any favorite gluten free recipes? Share below in the comments your thoughts and favorites.
Edit: After this post I reached out to Canyon Bakehouse and was surprised by a prompt reply to a question about buying from their website. “
Hi Laurie,
Thanks so much for the nice note to Canyon Bakehouse! You can actually order bread directly on our website. We also have coupons you can down load on our website as well.
Send me your address and I can pop a few VIP coupons in the mail for you.
Hilary  for Canyon Bakehouse”

Gluten Free Bread Choices and Variety

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  1. Oh! I wish I had this when I was allergic to wheat. I'm thinking of going gluten-free for a time; I've been reading some on digestive issues and causes, and I have learned so much about the negative effects of gluten on the digestive system. The good news is that I was tested back in August, and I found I was no longer allergic to all the foods I had developed an allergy to back in my early 20's (yay! except for egg whites…and I miss eggs SO MUCH).

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