Giving Without Expectations to Recieve

I am linking up with Five Minute Friday where we get a word prompt, set a timer for five minutes and share.  FMF Writing Prompt :: Receive – Five Minute Friday

It is important to our heart and mind that we give without expectations of recieving something in return. God calls us to love one another and care for one another. He does not say give so that you will recieve.   However in all the giving it is important to take an assessment of your own energy tank and oxygen level. 

On an airplane they always tell you in the event of a emergency to put on your own oxygen mask first.  You can not help or care for anyone else if you are not able to function. When you (Or more recently myself ) hit that wall of burnout that brings on physical symptoms, it is not good or healthy. 

Don’t forget your body is Gods temple and you and I need to care for those temples of ours.