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Getting It Right


The writing prompt for this week is the word “Right”.  The first phrase that popped into my head is “Getting it right.”

Getting It Right: Am I alone in having dark days where it seems no matter what I do I can’t get it right. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this. This tends to be a common issue with those who struggle with depression.

The truth of the matter is once we let those negative thoughts take a hold of us it is just a downward spiral from there.  When those feelings and thoughts start we need to counteract them.  Chances are we may feel like we never get it right is a big fat lie we are telling ourselves.

Sure we may have just made one mistake but that doesn’t mean we get everything wrong.  When  you feel you can’t do anything write. Stop. Take a breath and think again.  What have you done lately that has gone right? I am sure if you give it thought you will remember plenty of things you got right.

The more we work on not letting these negative thoughts the easier it becomes to have a more positive mindset and stop beating ourselves up for nothing.

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Getting It Right


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