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                                G= Listen To Your Gut

Every year I make goals to lose weight or do this or that. This year my biggest goal is to improve my health. With autoimmune diseases stacking up on top of my weight struggle it is time to walk the walk.  I need to stop talking about doing it and actually start doing the work. I made a year long commitment to a diabetes prevention group called Nutrition as Medicine. Some of my health issues were brought on by my own bad habits. It is going to take a lot of time and hard work to undo the damage.

It appears a lot of issues stem from gut health. Until I was dx with Celiac and Colitis I never really thought a lot about my gut health. Nowadays it seems you frequently hear the terms “microbiome” “Leaky Gut” “inflammation”.

There is a thing called information overload too. I start reading and going down the rabbit hole, get overwhelmed and grab a junky snack to make myself feel better.

We need to try harder to nourish our body with what we put into it. I am one who needs to start practicing what I preach. Are you trying to make any big lifestyle changes this year? Drop a comment below.

Do you have questions about gut health? First of all I’m going to say we all need to listen to our gut. If it feels  yukky after eating a certain thing we should probably not be eating that thing. If a lable has more ingredients than fingers on your hand its probably not a good choice.

Yes I’m needing to practice what I preach. Won’t you join me on the journey to a healthier life with more serenity and harmony? Sign up for my newsletter….


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