Savoring Five Minutes Friday

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Savoring Five Minutes Friday

I am joining up for a weekly Five Minute Friday writing prompt link-up.

Over at Five Minute Friday each week we are given a word prompt and free write for five minutes using that prompt.

This week’s FMF writing prompt is: SAVOR


First lets define the meaning of the word savor. Merriam-Webster defines    Savor as ” 1to give flavor to SEASON 2ato have experience of TASTE bto taste or smell with pleasure RELISH cto delight in ENJOY”

The first thing that pops in to my mind is  the taste of something such as the taste of chocolate melting on your tongue.  Most recently I practiced this world while enjoying the sound and smells of the ocean.

I hear many folks talking about how they are trying to be more mindful. I myself know I need to be more mindful. I am trying to be present in each moment and savor all of those moments. As many of us have learned all too well in the last few years you never know when a moment will be your last.

It is important that we live every moment to its fullest and enjoy it and those around us. Simple things like a childs giggle, a fresh egg in the chicken coop can bring bright moments to the day.  Live life to the fullest and savor every moment.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Living in the present moment is incredibly healing and allows us to truly embrace all the beauty that surrounds us. Too often we overlook what’s happening “now.” It so important to slow down for we don’t know what will happen in 5,10,30 minutes or tomorrow.

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