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Culture: What Does It Make You Think Of

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Looking Back

I missed last seeks 5 minute Friday prompt which was promise. I made a promise to myself that I would get a better routine going to find balance but that didn’t happen. Life got in the way with Dr appointments and stuff happening that I never could slow my brain down enough to make a new schedule or routine. I never completed the meal plan. I had so many plans. Those things are still on my to do list. When looking to see if I had started writing about promise at all.

The only thing I found was a prompt that I started April 25th about touch and never finished or posted on Five Minute Friday that week. So here it is April 25th ~ This week’s topic is touch. Just to be funny my first thought is that the subject of touch can be touchy. What I really mean by that is some folks love to be touched, hugged and so on. Others can literally feel being touched or hugged as painful.

It can be emotional pain or physical pain. Throughout raising my children, I had experiences and learned about sensory processing issues. I wish I had learned about it much earlier than I did. Touch can be healing and yet touch can be harmful. Touch can be physical, or you can be emotionally touched by some one else’s kind actions. I have a favorite flannel backed quilt that the touch of it calms me when I am not feeling well. This is where that free write ended.

So here it is Friday May 24th. A new prompt just arrived in my email inbox. I am going to do it now.

This week’s Five-Minute Friday writing prompt is: CULTURE

Before setting the timer and getting started I looked up the definition.




I saw that it referred to the cultivation of plants. Writing about that usage was how I planned to go with my five minutes.


I am choosing to focus on the word culture as referring to culturing plants. We had planned to and hoped to have a big garden this year. We want to become more self sufficient and grow as much of our own food as possible and donate excess to others. I have found I do not have a green thumb. It turns out my sixteen year old teen son has much more success with cultivating plants than I do. I really was surprised to hear the word culture define planting.

When culture is a word I hear I think of it as a medical culture to check for bacteria or a culture as in a culture in society of groups. I have a college degree yet some days I surprise myself with how much I still don’t know. Or how many things I learned and forgot. I have seen many Facebook posts saying just because you have a college degree does not mean you are smart. Why I like this is in the sense that I see so much judgement, anger and hatred spewing in our country these days.

But I am not going to veer into politics and don’t engage in those discussions. I feel everyone is entitled to feel and believe as they do. What I feel strongly about is that just because someone disagrees with our views or believe differently we should not be judgemental and hateful. We all need to be a little more open minded to understanding why people feel as they do and then we all every single one of us needs to try thinking before speaking, showing love understanding (or at least try to) and caring. This does not mean we all have to agree but we all do deserve respect and should be showing each other that.



Well I kind of veered off topic a bit there didn’t I. I guess all the negativity and personal attacks I see have been weighing on my mind more than I thought. My final words for this post are a call to action. For this next week whenever you venture out of your house look around for ways you can be positive towards others. Smile at someone, Hold a door for someone. If someone offends you don’t lash out at them. Let us love one another and care for one another in the way we wish to be treated.

As always this does not mean just outside your home. Let’s put the screens away a little more often and spend time sincerely listening to those in the house. Love on the 4-legged family members a bit more, take them out to play you might enjoy it just as much as them. Let’s find joy and spread love and caring and hopefully love will conquer and bring about peace. Until next time.

Toby Kieth~ In A world Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind.

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