Literacy Musings Monday Linkup


A moment of honesty here, Okay it is actually Tuesday and not Friday. I am a few days late but am practicing patience with myself. Instead of getting angry and frustrated that I am not keeping up with my to do list. I am

practicing my writing. Since May 14th: National Dance Like a Chicken Day #DanceLikeAChickenDay  I was going to practice my chicken dance but instead I spent the day at a training called Youth Mental Health First Aid Kit.


We did a lot of practicing and roll playing how we would deal with various situations. There is a lot of guilt about my low productivity due to my chronic illness flare ups. I am practicing self caring today and not pushing myself and beating myself up. I am really having trouble putting things into words today and am spending more time staring at the screen in a fog than I am writing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I have chosen some of my favorite images from my blog to share how I am feeling and that I want to make a difference out there for someone.


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