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Falling into Autum: Stress Less Upcoming Holiday Preparations

Stress Less Holiday Preparations. Holiday Shopping GUides

As I went to write an Autumn post I searched my ‘drafts’ and found this unpublished post Stress Less Holiday Preparations from last October of 2021. I believe it was started to post on A Chronic Voice Monthly link up but never got finished or published until now.

Additionally I have a bunch of Halloween preparation posts that I have rounded up for you

Do you partake in Halloween festivities?  If so things to check off your checklist are

1) Decorate your home and yard

2) Costume~ what are you going to be? Are you going to make or buy the costume?

2) find bargains and stock up on candy


Treats No Tricks (Well unless they are dog tricks!)

Bloody Good Ice Cream Cake | Home Jobs By Mom

Hocus Pocus Treats: Bridget Bishop’s Baked Apples @UlyssesPress (


        I have written frequently the phrase “FALLING Into Autumn” 

As we near mid October I am finishing up a virtual course for my Behavioral Health Practitioner certification.  Soon I should be doing orientation for my Family Service Advocate job via a local community agency.  I’ve been under the weather with autoimmune issues and am currently on prednisone which makes me feel like I have drank way too much coffee. This also triggers my PVC’s and so anxiety tends to be through the roof. However it gives me extra energy so I do get a lot more done as far as productivity.      I need to remind myself to keep my activity up after the prednisone is out of my system as I have a  history of falls and with having already had hand surgeries and both knees replaced, I really don’t want to have down time this winter due to accident/injuries.

I am TRANSITIONING from being a substitute to a family service advocate (and still subbing when needed and able)      Transitioning the homestead from summer to autumn and makign preparations for wtiner.  The beauty of the Autumn trees as they transition here in Maine is beautiful.

I am BEAUTIFYING  my home and yard by clearing the clutter. I find that as I declutter I feel a bit less stressed. As I am clearing the clutter I am finding beauty in simplicity.

As we get nearer to the end of 2021 I look back at the roller coaster ride of emotions. There were times I was on the edge of falling down the deep dark rabbit hole of depression. Remembering self care kept me from falling.

The importance of stressing less and self care is very important when we are heading into the winter holiday season!!

How Are You Really? Self Care Assessment

Take Care assessment

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