I am linking up at Five Minute Friday

During five minute Friday we are given a word prompt and write for 5 minutes.

This weeks Five Minute Friday  Writing Prompt is  ENABLE

Enable Help and Hope

Enable Help and Hope

I actually wrote a blurb about the word Enable during my attempt at the Write28Days challenge.

“hopefully I can enable and help some children find a better future and heal the trauma that they have been handed by those meant to love and care for them in the first place.”

Often when I think of the word enable it makes me think of when folks say someone is enabling someone else and it is used in a negative way.  I am trying to change my own thinking to a more positive way so I want to think of enabling someone positively. Yes there are those that may take advantage.

But what if someone says you shouldn’t do this or that because it enables someone else to continue down the wrong path. I come back to who are we to judge? Only God sees the big picture. Only God is supposed to judge. If we all worked together to create more caring and kindness instead of so much judgement and the current hatred of so much and so many. Imagine how wonderful things would be.

Enable Help and Hope

We each need to decide for ourselves what we do for others. Where our own boundaries lie. Yes in handing a homeless person 5.00  they might use it on something not good. But they might also use it on a much needed hot meal. That little bit of cash may  give them sense that someone cares, a reason to keep trying to pull themselves out of the trenches. It is not up to us to decide on another persons actions. It is only on us to decide on what our actions will be.
I hope our actions will all be caring and kindness when we feel someone needs help. Even if you only can offer prayer that is better than turning in disgust and yelling “get a job”.  We don’t know why or what put that person on the street corner.  Practice kindness. Instead of judging practice praying. Yes this is also a lesson I am telling myself. I want to be more positive and not negative and judging. Join me in this ?