Back to the drawing board in Journey

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Back to the drawing board 

I am back  after a long break from the world of blogging.  I am starting with a fresh slate and a lot of information running through my head.
Thank you for stopping by. This blog will cover a variety of topics. Come back often to check things out. 
As always if you have suggestions or comments feel free to speak up. My return to blogging was inspired by
                                                Back to the drawing board. Believe you can and you will
When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? What are you doing now? What do I want to be when I grow up?? It is a question kid’s talk about when they are little. I always saw myself as a mother.
There was an occasional fantasy of dancing or singing on stage but being the center of attention or a famous performer isn’t really my heart’s desire even if I had the talent. 
I always wanted to work with or for children to make a difference. I loved keeping diaries and writing letters dreaming of someday being a writer. Still dreaming. Still asking what I want to be when I grow up. 
         Yes I am still asking myself this even after having just graduated college with a bachelor’s degree. The degree is  in Liberal Arts & Sciences with a minor in psychology and a minor in early children’s services. Then there is the homesteading dream of being self- sufficient. 
So much I want to do. What I need is to focus on specific goals instead of scrabbling in several directions.  Follow me in my journey to finding the answer along with harmony and serenity.
I have used my skills earned from my degree and my life experiences to move into the world of foster parenting.
I became a licensed resource home in Oct 2019.  You learn a lot more from this once you are taking in kids, glad I took the trainings but hands on it is an eye opening experience.

Back to the drawing board in 2021 Journey Check In

And here I am again in the beginning of 2021 reassessing my goals and intentions on this blog and in my life.

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