I am linking up with Five Minute Friday. This weeks prompt is “Ignore”.  We are given a prompt and told to free write for 5 minutes.

Here goes



Don’t ignore the signs


Sharp Curve Ahead

As the car creeps along

Hearing its moans and whines

The car is our body

Our body is a temple of God

Dont ignore the signs

Sometimes I feel seen as Odd

I want to scream and shout

Don’t ignore the signs

When your body speaks

Listen to its words

I could waste time complaining

And voicing my own whines

I want to spread the word

Watch out for the signs

Someone you love is struggling

Its not just moans and whines

So many things they are juggling

Most of all the voices in their mind

The voices that say they are no good

The voices that say everyone would be better off without them

To listen to their cries

help them surely it would

Instead of exasperatingly sigh

Listen to their words

Listen to your body

Do not ignore the signs