Declutter Your Scariest Space Challenge Update 1

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How is your last week of April going? It has been busy around here. I had mentioned in a few posts last week here and here about the declutter your scariest space challenge.

As of last night Ultimate Bundles announced that the pre-launch decluttering  challenge had  seen 37,283 sign ups and the number was climbing. I was one of the sign ups and I had posted about it here.  Here is my first progress update with embarrassing photos posted in todays post.

Decluttering Challenge Update

An update on the declutter your scariest space challenge… I have to work really hard to catch up. I let life and depression get in my way and slow me down. Back at it today, I will just have to work twice as hard.

I did not complete the challenge on time due to depression, life and sickness invading the household. Though I have not given up and just may be finishing later than everyone else in decluttering my scariest space. We have been doing a lot of cleaning and decluttering I just haven’t gotten to my scariest space which is the basement.  Here are before pics of one corner that will be the first corner I attack.

Now that I have posted these pictures publicly I am definitely committed to getting this decluttered sooner rather than later.

The sign up for the challenge ended on the 27th. Check out Dana. K White who is the founder of A Slob Comes Clean. I found her blog inspiring and full of great tips to get me headed in the right direction. I especially found the 9 page workbook that came with the declutter challenge very helpful.

The declutter challenge was a prelaunch to the Ultimate Bundles Homemaking Bundle opens which releases May 1st.  I have a copy of the bundle and was able to preview it and even though I have spent years reading tips and tricks on the web there are still a lot of new to me helpful hints in the bundle.

Stay tuned: The bundle will be on sale from May 1-6 2019.

I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles and will make a commission for any products bought through these links.If you are interested in becoming a Ultimate Bundles affiliate and earn your own commissions you can apply here.

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