Linkup With Anne In Residence: Currently May 2021

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Linkup With Anne In Residence: Currently May 2021

I am linking up with Anne In Residence for the May edition of the Currently linkup. The writing prompts for May are:

 Exploring,  (explore is also this months focus word from Morgan of Is Was Will Be. )

May is a month for a lot of awareness to causes I am involved with

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Foster Care Awareness Month

Childrens Mental Health Week May 2-8

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is National Creative Beginnings Month

Teacher’s Appreciation Day is Tuesday May 4th which is also Star wars day

and National Weather Observation Day

5/5 is Cinco de Mayo

5/6 is National Nurse’s Day

May 9th Mothers Day

May 15 International Astronomy Day

May 17 is Tax Day for the 2021 Year. It is Normally in April but was extended this year due to the pandemic and IRS backlogs.

May 20thEndangered Species Day.

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day (26th)

 National Cellophane Tape Day (the 27th)

May 31st, the US will be celebrating Memorial Day


So far in May I am

 consuming too much sugar and foods that I should not be eating due to eating my feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. 
 exploring,  (explore is also this months focus word from Morgan of Is Was Will Be. ) I am exploring the possibility of upgrading my foster care license to a theraputic level and exploring what working out of the house and juggling home and family will be like with my upcoming job at the preschool.
getting plenty of spring chicks and getting ready for gardening, 
hoping to feel a little less overwhelmed and more productive. Hoping that I can make a difference for others through writing on my blog about my experience with chronic depression and other chronic health issues. 
currently may
seeing. is a bit of a struggle as it is obviously time to visit my optometrist for an exam and likely a new pair of bifocals.
If you read this post comment below: What topics are you interested in exploring?
What are you hoping to accomplish in the next 3 months? 

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  1. Lots of things to take note of in May! And I hope you do indeed have a month that has more feelings of productivity and overwhelm. I’m hoping to tackle some specific projects that need to happen before my maternity leave in the next month, and also hoping that will banish some of the overwhelm 🙂

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