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                                         Currently May 2022

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I am linking up with Anne in residence: currently   She asked “What are you currently up to?”

What I am consuming,  I am working at consuming less sugar and ‘junk food’. I have several health issues and I know that if I improve my diet I will see improvements in my health. I however am finding it a big struggle with my self discipline and willpower.                               

 What I am feeling, at times I am feeling motivated and at times I am struggling with discouragement and depression with a side dish of overwhelm.   I am trying to step back, set priorities and focus on the most important aspects on my plate. Don't let the darkness win. Your mental health is as important as your physical health

                                                       Currently May 2022

What I am finding, I am finding that those priorities are my family and friends. Yes of course there are bills to be paid but you have to find balance between the focus on making money and paying bills and the time you have with your family and friends. Taking care of self is also important or burnout will come along and there will be nothing left to give loved ones.   

                                                                                      Finding Joy in the struggle

 What I am following, Cara Harvey @ A Purpose Driven Mom. Her productivity lessons, podcast and 15 minute formula book have so much helpful information in them to help me work on my mindset and priorities. 

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What I am spending. Since everything is getting so much more expensive I am trying really hard to spend less by making sure I prioritize what I am spending on. Making sure it is a need not a want. Otherwise there won’t be enough money to stretch to cover the ‘needs’ before it does that magic disappearing act.  

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