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I am linking up at for her March Currently post.  As we enter the second week of the month we are Marching on closer and closer to those spring flowers new blooms. I was surprised to see how fast Easter is approaching. Good thing I have started my spring egg incubating here on Harmony Homestead.

Currently Marching On :

choosing, imagining, making, recommending, and wearing

In my search in my mind for thoughts on these prompts I first searched my previous posts for these words to jog my thought process. Under each word prompt other than my thoughts you will find links to some of my older posts.

Choosing, This month I am choosing to remember the importance of self care. In addition to my home, family and blogging I am also a resource parent. It is a new 'politically correct' term we were trained to use instead of 'foster parent'. The… Click To Tweet

Choosing a dog  3 ways  

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Imagining, Currently Marching on into the spring I am thinking about plans for our homestead. Plans for the animals, gardens, and food preservation. I have eggs in the incubator, A chick order form for the local farm store. We have started collecting what seeds we want to plant. I also have already noticed a shortage of canning lids. 

Imagine: My imagination and short stories

Imagine how wonderful things would be.


Making: I’m making memories with my children. As part of our home maintenance we are doing some remodels and making the master bedroom into two bedrooms. A lot of cans of paint to repaint some walls that needed it. Making plans for the homestead and family for spring and summer. Preparing for the next winter so that it is not as rough as this one was. I am also making an herbal tincture that was recommended to me by a health practitioner.


Feb 2021 Write 28 Days Challenge

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Recommending,  Reading, I love reading of various generes. Currently I have been reading and recommending a lot of Cozy Mysteries. I’m occasionally asked to read and review books for authors and enjoy being exposed to a large selection of reading material.  Most of all I am recommending that you take the time and make the time to take care of YOU. You matter. If you don’t take care of yourself it will be even harder to take care of and help others!!



Wearing: As I am Marching On into a month of being sure to take self care seriously, I am wearing my Cara Harvey: A Purpose Driven Mom  “I Am Worth It” shirt much more often.  I am also wearing my new Rocksbox Rainbow Circle earrings. 

Mental Health: Self Care: You Are Worth It.

Autumn In Wonderland: 1 Tale Of Two worlds


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