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I am linking up with Five Minute Friday. At Five Minute Friday we get a word prompt and do a five minute free write. This week’s FMF writing prompt is: compromise.

Oxford Dictionaries defines this  as settling a dispute through mutual agreement : or accept lower standards than are desirable

I would think that most of us can relate to this when thinking about compromises we have made in our lives.

For me I can’t think of any recent ones right off hand but I am sure there are some.

The child who decides they are hungry just before bedtime. Since we are dealing with eating issues I make a deal and let her have a choice of fruit or vegetable.

Compromises sometimes come with a cost but often times they free up some stress.

I keep thinking there is a song I used to love and play a lot that was about this word.  I googled and didn’t come up with the song I was thinking of but did find these.


The other one was not appropriate to share here.  It is bugging me now though. I am thinking back to the 90’s I feel there was a christian artist who had a song that talked about compromise and I swear I wore that c.d. out playing their music.

That is one thing I don’t do much of now is listen to music. Well the radio doesn’t work in my car for one reason the other is that I find myself frequently craving silence with the busyness and noise in daily life so I am not often one to turn on something that will add to the volume.

I still feel a pull to find that song that I believe was titled “No Compromise” or something very similar. Wishing I could write a poem about it right now but alas my five minutes is up.


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