July 2019 A Chronic Voice Linkup.

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July Prompts: Planning, Justifying ,Starting, Analyzing & Concluding 

My summer so far has involved a lot of planning. Planning our vacation, planning my twins 17th birthday. Scheduling and planning doctor appointments.

 Justifying to myself that it is okay to let the housework slide while I try to get my health issues under control. I feel guilty about that. I feel like I just need to toughen up and  get it done.

Starting~ I start so many things and then feel guilty because I don’t feel well enough to finish them. Or I run out of time because of the time I have to take to rest.

Analyzing is something I like to do in most cases. I like to try to figure out things. Sometimes I tend to really over analyze. I can spend a lot of time trying to analyze the changes in my health and try to figure out the cause. I just want to feel better and have more energy and less pain.

I am concluding that this is my new reality. I am starting to feel hopeless that things will change or improve for the better. Then I tell myself I want to be a positive example to others so I conclude I have to pull myself up by my boot straps and put my big girl panties on.

Keep reading to read more about our summer so far.

July 4th Treats

July 4th vacation week.

We took a trip to go camping in Moosehead Lakes region at Seboomook Wilderness Campground.


It is way out in the wilderness in addition to the normal bugs, Ants, Mosquitoes, Black Flies, no-seeums, we saw
Butterflies, Frogs, Birds, Deer, Racoon, Pheasant.

Our week in numbers: 1 boat rental, no broken bones or campfire burns, 1 lost stove nozzle, 2 dogs, 2 teenagers, 2 lost pool noodles, 3 grandkids, 3 days of paddleboarding, 6 night stay, 5 days of no electronics, 5 +hours travel. Time with family= Priceless

Check out my post on natural alternatives to deter summer pests.
In addition to we loved a Thermacell product that was recommended to us.

Summer Reading

I couldn’t do a lot of hiking with the family. I stayed back at the campsite with the two dogs and did a lot of reading from my summer reading list. My post about my summer reading challenge is here.

I will be doing some reviews of some of these books and also will be doing a giveaway for the book The Road to Forever by Marla Machado.

I want to go back and read the first book because I have some questions about the character Jonathan who appeared in this book. You do not have to read book 1 before reading The Road to Forever.

I always have a habit of feeling the need to read the books by an author in chronological order of when they were written.

When we were buying supplies for camping the kids spotted the giant unicorn but we settled for a duck and a donut.

The rest of the crew rented a boat and went for a boat ride. I’m not sure about this boat  I’d be afraid it would deflate on me.  My daughter and grandson tried out paddle boarding.

Our dog joined in and had her doggie life vest on. I saw this one and bet my daughter would have liked it  mermaid dog life vest .


I spent the week getting back into the groove while unpacking and prepping for my ‘babies’ turning  17 on Friday. We did not planning the usual big family gathering.They wanted a movie night and Family cook out I need Grill ideas 

I hear we may have a real heat wave this coming week. If the heat is getting to you go check out the image on my Wordless Wednesday post.




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  1. Hello Laurie,

    Oh, I can so relate, I too have had some housework that has needed attending but with no strength or energy to do so, and feeling great guilt at needing to let them go and give myself permission to rest. Like you, I often have difficulties in justifying the need to put myself first and leave certain chores for another time.

    Happy Birthday for your kids birthday! I hope you have a lovely celebration for them and that you are able to enjoy it!

    Take care x

  2. Happy birthday for your kids! It’s so difficult to manage activity with illness, I can relate so much. Sending understanding hugs.

  3. I really need to start doing these link up posts again- they are so much fun! Girl! I feel you on the housework! It is so hard to as I have to be very careful with my energy. In a perfect world we would have a maid! Lol ????

  4. Hi Laurie, thanks for participating in this month’s linkup! 🙂 A big belated happy birthday to your babies’ birthday! 😉

    And I totally get the guilt felt with letting everything around me slide. Makes me feel like a big baby who can’t adult. But I guess we can only do what we can. I think it’s worse when it’s depression or fatigue that’s holding me back as opposed to pain, because it feels like I’m just lying around aimlessly.

    You’re definitely setting a positive example for others, through this blog and your sharing. Sending love x

  5. I’m sending you so much love and hope. My house is a tip, and I haven’t even got kids. I really need to get onto of things but this week hasn’t been great so far and I’m being gentle with myself. You need to be too.

    Other than that you seem to be keeping busy. Just keep your chin up too. X

  6. Guilt is such a terrible emotion that really drags us down, isn’t it? I often tell other people to ‘ditch the guilt’, but I need to take my own advice sometimes.
    Movie night for your kids’ birthday sounds perfect.

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